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Servo injection molding machine needs to be maintained
Release Date:2018-12-06 00:00:00 Publisher:

The production of servo injection molding machines is generally 24 hours (shift system), except for the reduction of orders or public holidays, generally no downtime. For machines that are in working condition for a long time, we must do maintenance work and try to find problems and solve problems before the machine fails. Otherwise, once the machine fails, it must be stopped and repaired, which will seriously affect the production and delay the delivery. Therefore, it is especially important to do the maintenance work of the servo injection molding machine.

To do the maintenance work of the servo injection molding machine, the maintenance content must be classified according to the frequency of possible failures: the highest frequency content is included in the daily maintenance, and the servo injection molding machine frequency is slightly lower than the weekly maintenance. The analogy classifies the monthly maintenance and annual maintenance work. After the content of the maintenance is determined, it is best to arrange a person responsible for ensuring that the determined maintenance work is performed effectively in accordance with the scheduled arrangement. The necessary documentation must be done each time the maintenance work is completed in order to provide a basis for the evaluation of the machine in future work.