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Company Profile
Ningbo bona machinery company

Ningbo bona machinery company was founded in 2010. Our company has a number of technical development and product quality management experience in the injection molding machine professionals, in collaboration with a number of well-known domestic injection molding machine industry professors, experts,the team formed the company’s product development as a consultant to provide technical guidance, with significant technical advantages.

The company’s products located in the high-end injection molding machine market, with many independent intellectual property rights based on the development of the BN series of precision energy-saving injection molding machine. From 2015 the company has launched the NB series of second generation This series already has a number of national patents such as the head and tail of the machine “. We also launched a special machine linked to mobile phones, mixed two-color machines and other special machines. Our company’s products are exported to the country and the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries.

Our full implementation “professional, caring and reliable,” the concept of brand strategy and produces innovation. After careful construction, has formed a strong technological innovation capability, product manufacturing ability, upstream and downstream service thoughtful sales system, after-sales service thoughtful and comprehensive all-round comprehensive business model.

I am in the company of “quality first, customer first” purpose, with a number of well-known enterprises to establish a long-term relationship, will be a successful cause of your successful booster.